Mica Flakes

Mica Flakes

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Mica Flakes are widely used in water as well as oil based oil-well drillings operations. They are used as additive mud chemicals for preventing loss of circulation as well as seepage. They are also added to block the lost circulation zones with platy structure of mica for easing the overlapping of particles. This process is done to create a layer or wall for making it ideal to act as a reliable sealant. Gold Mica Flakes are developed to seal the porous formations. They are designed for pulverizing the mica wastes from mica scrap.  

Features of Mica Flakes:

  • Used in the production owing to maximum hardness and temperature
  • Available in different sizes and dimensions with supreme finishing

Available Grades

Grade Mesh Uses Purposes
Coarse Flakes 2 Mesh Oil well drilling To stop lost circulation

Pearlescent Pigments To provide pearly luster in paints

Artificial snow Snow substitute
Medium Coarse Flakes 10 Mesh Christmas ornaments, display products, etc. Flocking material for offering glitter
Fine Coarse Flakes 16 Mesh Concrete block fillers, tiles and gypsum boards To add thermal insulation, fire resistant feature, sound absorption, and corrosion protection

Asphalt roofing felts and shingles To add weather-proofing


  • Strong and sturdy Laminated HDPE