Mica Plate

Mica Plate

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Mica Plate is designed using silicone resin and paper of mica by pressing. It is available in transparent silicate mineral for heating of raw aromatics wood chips, kneaded incense, etc. This is a heat resistant plate extensively utilized in different home appliances like toaster, microwave oven, electric hair-dryer, warmer etc. Its crystalline structure creates layers to make it easy to split and cut into thin sheets. This comes with high-heat stability feature with high-end electrical properties. This plate can be easily merged with square charcoal, white ash, etc. to raise the temperature of incense and other aromatic things for filling the environment with appealing aroma.

Features of Mica Plate:

  • Available in 7/8" square shape
  • Can be combined with square charcoal, white ash, etc.
  • Toxic free design with high durability
  • Utilized with perfumed wood chips and granules