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Mica Scrap

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  1. Dark Green Spotless Mica Scrap

    Dark Green Mica Scrap is obtained from mines which has high quality quartz in its pegmatites. Green mica has high strength for producing mica paper for motors . Usually the sizes of green mica are bigger and thickness .
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  2. High Test Ruby Mica Scrap

    High test Ruby Mica scrap is obtained from the mines of Bihar and Jharkhand in the east part of India, where loading port is Kolkata. It is a mica, which can be used in higher temperature and can be calcined till 900-1000 degree centigrade.The high temperature nature of mica makes it suitable for producing high quality mica flakes for pearl pigments, calcine mica paper for mica tapes and cables.
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  3. Ruby Mica Scrap

    Ruby Mica scrap is a spotless mica scrap which has high tensile and insulation properties. The natural ruby mica scrap is used to produce spotless mica paper for mica sheets.
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  4. Light Green Spotless Mica Scrap

    Light Green Mica Scrap is obtained from mica mines which has high quality quartz deposits.Light green mica scrap has spotless, clean mica.It is the kind of mica best suitable for spotless mica paper and shiny mica powder.
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  5. Black Spotted Mica Scrap

    Black spotted mica scrap is the most abundant available mica scrap all over mica mining areas of India. It is best suitable to produce mica paper for mica sheets and low quality mica powder. The cost of these mica are competitive and regular supplies.
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  6. Muscovite Super White Mica Scrap

    Muscovite super white mica scrap is obtained from the old dumps of Bihar and Jharkhand in the eastern part of India.The mica obtained are of high quality ,pure white and shiny in nature. Super white mica is used in producing high quality mica powder, mica paper, and mica sheets.
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