Muscovite Super White Mica Scrap

Muscovite Super White Mica Scrap
Product Description

Muscovite Super White Mica Scrap is ideal to develop high-quality mica board, mica tapes and mica paper. Its unmatched shine and color make it ideal to be used in the development of paper & board. It is available in natural and pure form without any foreign particles.

Features of Muscovite Super White Mica Scrap:

  • No impurities with maximum purity
  • Recyclable and highly stable in heat
  • Electric insulator with high durability
  • Maximum strength and evenness in structure to be used in different sectors

Mica Scrap is obtained from Mica Mines, it is basically a Mica that is below specifications and not suitable for use as sheet mica, because of size or quality.

It is screened over 1/2" sq. inches openings and have an average size between 12 mm - 50 mm with thickness between 0.15 mm - 5 mm.

Mica Scrap should be cleaned, dried, hard, free from mineral and non-mineral impurities, such as: Quartz, felspar, garnet, tourmaline, stones, mud-stained or biotite mica, clay, send as well as other inclusions viz; paper, wood-leaves, straw, iron contents etc.

Uses : Mica Scrap is now mainly used for manufacturing of mica paper which is used to make mica sheets/plates and mica tapes.

The below types of Muscovite Mica Scrap are produced and exported by us throughout the world.
    a. Ruby Mica Scrap (high test) - Calcine mica paper for high voltage mica tapes.
    b. Ruby Mica Scrap - Spotless mica paper for mica tapes.
    c. Green Mica Scrap - Spotless mica paper
    d. Super white mica scrap - spotless mica paper
    e. Spotted Mica scrap (Green/Ruby) - spotted mica paper for mica sheets/plates

Packaging : We export mica scrap in strong HDPE Bags weighing 50 kgs each.

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