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  1. Silicon Bonded Mica Sheets

    Silicon Bonded Mica Sheets are used as a base plate in numerous electronic appliances including toasters, electric room heaters, and irons. They are made by impregnating mica sheets with heat resistant silicon resins to give them a rigid structure. These sheets possess great mechanical, thermal, and insulation properties, and high dielectric strength. They are also utilised in petrochemical industries, steel & iron plants.
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  2. Mica Gasket Sheet

    Mica Gasket Sheet is used in numerous applications including as a mechanical support & insulation in voltage cabins, in forging machines, hydraulic presses, electronic components, and as circuit breakers. It is designed as a mechanical seal which is required to fill gap between two or more joining surfaces. This gasket is suitable to be utilised for hot & dry gas applications including turbines, air heat exchangers, and exhaust manifolds.
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  3. Flexible Mica Sheet

    Flexible mica sheets are used where insulations are required to be moulded or bend, it has high temperature standing and available in muscovite and phlogophite
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