Mica Sheets

  1. Thick Mica Sheet

    Thick Mica Sheet is used in electronic appliances, electrical components, electron microscopy, and as windows sheets for stoves, furnaces, & microwave ovens. It is known for its stability against electricity, moisture, and high temperatures. This sheet is crack proof in nature and has the ability to withstand shock and vibrations under extreme working conditions. It is utilized in high voltage applications, electrical and oil & gas distribution industries.
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  2. Flexible Mica Sheet

    Flexible Mica Sheet is designed to be used in household appliances including hair dryers, electric heaters, & coffee makers and also in numerous industrial machines. It is completely bendable in nature and possesses excellent resistance to heat & electricity. This sheet is manufactured using high grade muscovite or phlogopite micas due to their unique physical properties. Owing to its chemically inert nature, mica sheet is also used in pharmaceutical & chemical sectors.
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  3. Mica Gasket Sheet

    Mica Gasket Sheet is used in numerous applications including as a mechanical support & insulation in voltage cabins, in forging machines, hydraulic presses, electronic components, and as circuit breakers. It is designed as a mechanical seal which is required to fill gap between two or more joining surfaces. This gasket is suitable to be utilized for hot & dry gas applications including turbines, air heat exchangers, and exhaust manifolds.
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  4. Mica Plate

    Mica Plate is utilized in atomic force microscopy, as window sheets, electrical components, low precession condensers, baking plates, and chimneys. It is also used for releasing aroma form sandalwood chips or kneaded incense by placing them over the plate and gently raising the temperature. This compound has got some special physical and chemical properties including mechanical & dielectric strength, insulation, and heat resistance, making it suitable for sea-launched missile systems, laser devices, and medical electronics applications.
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