Natural Mica Block

  1. Mica Block

    Mica Block is a natural and processed form of mica, which is done by highly skilled workers. It has high tensile strength, non-flammable nature, chemical inertness, great dielectric properties, and temperature stability. This block is used in windows of microwave ovens, goggles, oxygen breathing equipment, and gauge glasses. It is available in different forms including green, ruby, and spotted. This can be split into thin sheets of different widths as per the need & requirement.
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  2. Ruby Mica Block

    Ruby Mica Block is mainly used as an insulator in various electronic equipments. It can also be processed for making gauge glasses of boilers and furnaces. This block is physically pink to different shades of brown in color and has excellent cleavage properties, allowing it to be easily cut in desired thickness. It is crack resistant, thermally stable, chemically inert, and has high electrical insulation properties.
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  3. Crude Mica Block

    Crude Mica Block is the raw and unrefined form of mica, as it is unclear in appearance and edges needed to be cut to provide it smoother look. It has high mechanical strength, temperature stability, and moisture resistance. This mica block can be used in condensers for radar, missiles, and radios after purifying it. Due to its ability to resist oxidizing action of electrical discharges, it is known to be the best material which is utilized in electrical industry. 
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